Twin Valley Distillers in Rockville Is Helping Bring Back Maryland’s Boozy Past

Tucked away at the back of an industrial park in Rockville, Md. is where Edgardo Zuniga is hard at work, bottling rum, vodka and soon whiskey. He’s the Founder and CEO of Twin Valley Distillers with an employee base of one (himself).

Zuniga is also a Costa Rican immigrant, trained in Italian cooking and married to a Jamaican wife. He’s spent more than a decade in the restaurant industry but decided to leave that all behind, primarily out of a frustration for better rum.

“I’m a little crazy,” Zuniga says. “It’s really my wife’s fault. She makes a lot of Jamaican drinks. We make sorrel all the time with rum, sugar and ginger. When I first made them, I started to infuse rum with flavor, but soon, I realized that I couldn’t control the quality of the alcohol. So I learned how to make it myself.”

By: Tim Ebner

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