Hogan to Approve Two Bills Aimed at Montgomery County’s Liquor Control

Gov. Larry Hogan is scheduled to sign two bills into law Tuesday that would liberalize parts of laws related to Montgomery County’s Department of Liquor Control (DLC).

One bill would enable craft distillers—such as whiskey or gin makers—to sell and deliver their products directly to restaurants in the county. The change would allow distilleries to bypass the DLC, which controls the distribution of alcohol and the retail sale of all liquor in the county.

A similar change made two years ago allows breweries to self-distribute to bars and beer and wine retailers in the county. After the change, several local breweries opened in the county and the owners cited the change as one of the reasons they chose to locate their businesses locally.

Currently there’s one craft distillery—Twin Valley Distillers in Rockville—in the county and 14 licensed distilleries in the state, according to a General Assembly memo detailing the legislation. However, the law would also enable out-of-state distilleries to sell their products directly to county restaurants and bars.

By: Andrew Metcalf
Bethesda Magazine

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