The DC Bourbon Boom: Five DC Area Bourbon Makers to Know and Love

The District and the surrounding region are in the midst of a bourbon boom. This is, by any measure, fantastic news. The only caveat is that you better be prepared to wait. Even with an influx of new distilleries emphasizing bourbon as a key cog in their future plans, making that beautiful brown water of life is not an overnight endeavor.

The quickest track to market is to use smaller barrels, which more rapidly age the whiskey held within. That’s what the folks at Twin Valley Distillers in Rockville, Md. are doing, and to date, they have the only available bourbon distilled in the immediate local area.

Four of the five distilleries listed here are betting big on their bourbon, but in the meantime, they’re offering thirsty consumers sourced whiskey. This means they’re buying whiskey from larger distilleries and bottling it under their own labels, typically with a finishing process in between to give the whiskey a distinctive profile.

By: Jake Emen
On Tap Magazine

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