Maryland’s Micro-distillers Join in on Spirited Renaissance

Just five years ago, distilleries were a distant — and most likely blurry — memory for Marylanders.

“There’s a great history of rye in Maryland with lots of farmers producing it, and creating rye whiskey from it,” said Kevin Atticks, executive director of the Maryland Wineries Association.

Prior to Prohibition, the state led the U.S. in rye whiskey production just behind powerhouse producers Pennsylvania and Kentucky until its last distributor closed its doors in 1983, according to the Maryland Historical Magazine.

“There’s even an exhibit in Baltimore on the history of rye whiskey in Maryland, and there you get to see just how big the industry was before Prohibition,” Atticks said. “So, really, it’s just a resurgence of what used to be, now that whiskey and rye are becoming more popular again.”

By Capital News Service

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